As the wants and needs of modern life change, so do the ways people spend their money — from the companies they support, to their entertainment choices and when they choose to buy a home.

Single women are dominating single men in the home buyer’s market in spite of tightened lending conditions. Second only to married couples in buying power, they’re making their mark with smart investments in Chicago’s best neighborhoods.

By Megan Dawson


Technology is changing how we interact with arts and entertainment, from watching TV to experiencing museums. But one group isn’t so quick to embrace certain innovations.

A growing number of Chicago residents are swapping traditional cable service for Internet TV. They want to move outside the confines of appointment-based TV and start watching shows where they want, when they want.

By Megan Dawson


The demand for convenience in social, technological and transportational spheres is greater than ever. We explore how these new ways of life are affecting us for the better — or for the worse.

Online dating is growing in popularity with sites like OKCupid and apps like Tinder – but both daters and experts agree it may not quite have caught up to old-fashioned romance.

By Farah Mohammed